Shortcut: Jenny, Nursery School Assistant (pp. 191-192)

Jenny is a nursery school assistant. Debbie is a nursery school assistant too. Mrs Johnson is their supervisor. She teaches them about child development.

Mrs Johnson: How does a baby change?

Debbie: It grows.

Jenny: It learns to move and sit up.

Mrs Johnson: Good! What else?

Debbie: We learn to communicate and do things on our own.

Mrs Johnson: Very good!

Mrs Johnson tells Jenny and Debbie that is it is a good idea to think of the word 'PILES' in conncetion with child development.

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PILES is short for

Physical development

Intellectual development

Language development

Emotional development

Social development

Shortcut activity

Pick the right word:

  1. Jenny is a nursery school assistant / teacher / student.
  2. Debbie is a teacher / assistant / student.
  3. Mrs Johnson is their mother / supervisor / assistant.
  4. They learn about child birth / development / abuse.
  5. There are three / four / five sections of child development.
  6. P stands for paralyses / physical / power.
  7. I stands for intellectual / intelligence / illegal.
  8. L stands for love / language / listening.
  9. E stands for extra / empathy / emotional.
  10. S stands or social / sympathy / sorry.