Shortcut: Vocational English (pp. 182-183)

Health and social services cover many areas. You can work with young and old people, disabled, sick or healthy people, in a doctor’s office or in a nursery school.

The role of English

If you are good at English it is easier to get the job you want. Health workers can work all over the world. Many foreigners come to work in Norway too. This is called globalisation. English is the only really global language.

English is also useful if you choose to work in Norway. English-speaking people may seek help about their health. A lot of information is only presented in English, such as articles and instructions. This book presents words and phrases that are useful and necessary in health and social services. You will also learn to communicate in English in different situations.

Jenny, Kaja, Tommy and Shannon

You will meet four teenagers. Kaja is a Norwegian student at a high school in the USA. Tommy from Australia works with elderly people at a nursing home. Shannon from Ireland hopes to work with diet and health. Jenny from England is an assistant in a nursery school.

Shortcut activity

True or false?

Correct the false statements.

a) The field of health and social services only has a few jobs on offer.

b) Most material is presented in Norwegian and English is seldom needed.

c) English is also useful if you decide to work in Norway.

d) In this book you will learn to communicate in English in different situations.

e) Jenny, Kaja, Tommy and Shannon don't know what to do with their future.