Shortcut: Tommy at the Oceanside Nursing Home (pp. 246-247)

Tommy has a four-week work placement at a home for elderly people.

Tommy: What kind of services do you offer here at Oceanside Nursing Home?

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Mrs Wilson: We are quite small, 100 beds. Many nursing homes are much larger. But we do offer some of the same services as a larger home: basic care, skilled care and sub-acute care. We give the first two of these.

Tommy: Basic care, is that help with everyday activities such as personal care and transportation?

Mrs Wilson: Correct! We offer help with dressing, laundry and personal errands.

Tommy: What is skilled care?

Mrs Wilson: Skilled care includes services of a nurse or a physical therapist, for instance. Many residents need treatment and medication because of illness. We provide that service.

Tommy: What is sub-acute care?

Mrs Wilson: Sub-acute care involves hospital care of patients with serious illness or injury.

Tommy: What about rooms and meals?

Mrs Wilson: All residents have private bedrooms with their own bathrooms. We are concerned about food. We serve three meals a day and special diets are also taken care of.

Shortcut activity

a) Why is Tommy at the Oceanside Nursing Home?

b) Name the three levels of care in a nursing home.

c) Which two levels are offered at Oceanside and what do they involve?

d) How do the residents live at Oceanside?

e) What is written about food and meals?