Shortcut: Eating and Drinking (pp. 252-254)

Tommy has a few notes to look through about how to serve food.

Before Meals

- Wash your hands

- Fingernails must be clean

Serving Food

- Present food and drink in an appetising manner

- Assist with pouring drinks and cutting food

- Watch for signs of gagging or choking!

(See Tracks, p. 252 for complete list of notes)

Tommy washes his hands and checks his fingernails. Mr Tilley, an elderly patient, has ordered fish because he has trouble with his teeth. Tommy adds some tomatoes next to the beans to give it some colour. His supervisor, Mrs Wilson, stays right behind him.

Tommy: Good evening, Mr Tilley. Sorry about the delay. But I think you will enjoy the food, steamed fish and white sauce.

Tommy arranges the plate and makes sure Mr Tilley gets his false teeth inserted.

Mr Tilley: This looks good, except for those red things. Not eating them!

Tommy: Those red things are tomatoes. They are good for you. Why not try one?

Mr Tilley: If you like them, you eat them! Help me cut up my dinner. You have forgotten my special knife and fork again. I can’t do it myself.

Tommy is very embarrassed. What will Mrs Wilson think?

Shortcut activity

a) Name two things Tommy must remember to do before meals.

b) List three things Tommy must do while serving food.

c) What does he do to make the plate look more appetising?

d) How does Mr Tilley react to this adding of colour to his meal?

e) What has Tommy forgotten to bring?