Video: Social Care - A Day in the Home

This programme provides an insight into the way a young key worker uses literacy, numeracy and ICT in her job at a residential home.

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Videos: Doctor's Diary

Health is constantly in the news, but what do doctors on the frontline actually think?

This video diary is a weekly insight into the local and national issues affecting a busy GP practice.

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Video: A Day out with Gwyn

Gwyn is a 13-year-old boy who feels too cool to be going out for a daytrip with his grandad. His 72-year-old grandfather is determined to have fun but isn't entirely sure how to do it.

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8: Tommy from Sydney, Australia

Tommy Larkin is a Sydneysider who wants a career in health care.

Sydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty ImagesSydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty Images

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Sydney Opera House (official site)

How does aging work? (How Stuff Works)

Health over 50 (BBC)

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Seniors' Health (InteliHealth)

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