Shortcut: Shannon at School - Healthy Eating

The school year is almost over. Ms Carr, the Nutrition teacher, wants to prepare her class for the term test. Today they are repeating healthy eating for children.

Ms Carr: Why have we have focused so much on nutrition for children this year?

Conor: Well, this country has a really bad reputation for its way of eating, doesn’t it?

Donovan: Yeah, just think about the typical Irish breakfast: bacon, sausage, eggs and blood pudding!

Ms Carr: You are both right. Also, the number of overweight children is increasing. So what should we teach children about healthy eating?

Cara: Do you mean things like eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

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Ms Carr: Absolutely! And what are some easy ways for them to get that?

Cara: They can drink a glass of orange juice in the morning. Or they can snack on a piece of fruit between meals instead of sweets.

Ms Carr: Very good, Cara! What other things are important in a child’s diet?

Shannon: Carbohydrates, of course! They need these for energy. They just need to remember that whole grain bread is much better for them than cakes and biscuits.

Dierdre: What about fat, Ms Carr? Don’t children need fat in order to be fit?

Ms Carr: Well, not to be fit, but they need it for growth. The problem is that we need so very little of it, and there is so much hidden fat in our modern diet!

Shortcut activity

a) Can you give examples of hidden fat?

b) Copy the words below and draw lines between the correct translations:

overvektig               whole grain

porsjon                    increase

helkorn                    serving

øke                          overweight